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Professional Standards for the Marijuana Industry

The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative

» Quality Standards, Client Rights, Corporate Transparency

The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative establishes the highest professional standards for the marijuana industry. Each stage of production for marijuana products legal in Canada is addressed.

Working together with farmers, scientists, researchers, academics, extraction experts, organic certifiers, health practitioners, chefs, officials, workers, thinkers and innovators to provide the best quality and most trusted marijuana in the world.

The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative is a concise, standard-driven, scientifically-based model for marijuana in the marketplace. Learn more »

Stages and Standards - The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative

TVCI Cannabis

TVCI Cannabis is your assurance that ingredients are 100% marijuana. Nothing more. Absolutely nothing less.

Medicinal Compounds

Medicinal compounds must be detailed and preservation of spectrum compounds documented.

TVCI Organic+

Respect for health begins with organic products that are safe from gmo and toxic adulterants at every stage of production.

Responsible Farming

Safety of farm workers, marijuana and the environment means healthy products and healthy communities.

Extraction Methods

Extraction methods must be evaluated for medicinal properties concentrated and holistic retention of all compounds.


Precision testing, qualified and validated assays, reputable third-party laboratories and full disclosure of results.


Packaging must protect, preserve, inform, commit, deliver and above all be safe: in a beautiful, functional design.

Client Rights

Access to product medicinal specifics and to corporate personnel are the right of each client. Clarity, Honesty, Transparency.

Corporate Culture

Quality products and expertise balanced with knowledge, understanding and compassion. Corporate that cares.


In order to provide consistent quality of Cannabis, scientific quantitative standards are utilized. For every marijuana product Certificates of Analysis must be provided that detail and measure medicinal compounds and testing for harmful adulterants from pesticides, soil, water, air and/or machinery. It is important that science measures quality and purity.

Equally important, The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative recognizes that the empirical knowledge and expertise of farmers and practitioners over the centuries, and in this brave new world of Cannabis, is vital to the continued use of marijuana as a beneficial medicinal plant; whose healing powers we have only begun to scientifically explore.

Sharing our stories, exchanging data and working in collaboration helps us all to learn, grow and heal - together.