TVCI Cannabis 

Your assurance that the marijuana you purchase is grown to the highest quality standards in the world; standards that respect the plant, your health, your being.
TVCI Cannabis is your assurance that ingredients are 100% marijuana. Nothing more. Nothing less.

TVCI Cannabis

TVCI Cannabis sets the standard for quality marijuana.

Certified-organically grown.

Free of toxic pesticides, additives, adulterants, plasticizers and harmful contaminates.

Processed with as little intervention as possible for the methodology used.

TVCI Organic+ Tested according to established scientific protocol by independent laboratories.

Packaged to protect and preserve compounds.


TVCI Cannabis sets the standard for full transparency of Testing Results.

Full disclosure to clients of detailed medicinal compounds and composition of the final product must include access to the unique Certificate of Analysis.


TVCI Cannabis is 100% marijuana. As Nature intended.