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Can I Get TVCI Accreditation if I am not licensed by Health Canada?


Following on our Respect ethic we value everyone who wishes their Cannabis to be of the highest quality and purity.

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Can I Get TVCI Accreditation if my company is located outside of Canada?

The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative
Created in Canada / Designed for The World

The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative sets standards that match or exceed legislated testing requirements in the US states that have legalized Cannabis and corporate transparency standards for the EU, including GDPR Compliance.

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As a Customer what should I look for if I don’t see the TVCI logo?

Check The Certificate of Analysis.

The Vancouver Cannabis Initiative details the exact medicinal compounds and testing for toxins that must be detailed on the Certificate of Analysis for that Cannabis product. Check the COA provided by any product to the TVCI Detailed COA to be sure. Some companies offer vague COAs that include few details and leave out important testing.

And When I Do See The TVCI Logo…

When You See the TVCI Logo
  1. You know the Cannabis has been grown and tested to the highest quality and purity standards.
  2. You know the Cultivator growing that Cannabis is exceptional.
  3. You know the Laboratory testing that Cannabis is committed to verified assay procedures.
  4. You know the Dispensary displaying the TVCI logo prioritizes marijuana quality and purity.
  5. You know the Health Practitioner displaying the TVCI logo values your health above all else.
  6. You know you can access a detailed Certificate of Analysis before you purchase.
  7. You know that corporate transparency policies have been undertaken.
  8. You know that your rights as a client are respected.
  9. You know exactly what you are putting into your body.
  10. You know you are looking after your health and well being with Cannabis as Nature intended.


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Always Access a Detailed COA before your purchase.
Your Body. Your Right To Know.